Corporate Events and Functions


Dear Corporate Event and Function Owners,

Nails Cottage absolutely love events. We provide nail manicure and pedicure services from dolling up runway models at high-end Audi Fashion Show to serving mums at Habourlight Church during Mother’s Day- from distinguished customers at Pedder’s on Scotts to teenage girls at Jane’s birthday bash.

We have a group of manicurists that offer express nail services with hundreds of nail colours to choose from- for your customers, guests and members to enjoy a wonderful time!

Here are some pictures of recent events.

Flea Market Nails Booth @ SCAPE – together with Nails Obsession

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Nails Function 九九重阳节 Chong Yang Festival- in conjunction with Mediacorp!


Mother’s Day Event- Harbourlight Church


Dolling Up Runway Models for Audi Fashion Show- in conjunction with Sally Hansen


Rewarding Customers with Nail Services- in conjunction with Pedder’s on Scott



Do drop us a mail or contact Joleen at 98576258. We get connected shortly. Please note that we require a 20% deposit to secure the event appointment. 🙂


You can also contact us via this contact form.


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