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Hundreds of Colours <3

Catering to Cottagers needs, we have imported 100s of internationally renowned Gelle polish colours!

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Korea Trip- Searching for New Colours!

Had the opportunity to fly to Korea to source for new colours. Bought a set of new colours- a very popular and well-known brand in Korea.

We can’t wait to try out on your hands!

Nails Cottage Home based Nail Salon Punggol Singapore Korea Trip Polishes Bottles

Nails Cottage Home based Nail Salon Punggol Singapore Korea Trip Polishes

Nails Cottage Home based Nail Salon Punggol Singapore Korea Trip Polishes

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100 over Colours to Choose!

Nails Cottage have a wide range of gel polish colours that caters to every customer! You will surely have a colour that delights you! ❤


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How to Pick the Perfect Gel Polish Color?

Gel Polish Colours Nails Cottage Singapore 2012

Picking a perfect gel polish color is very important for a woman, especially when you go out on a date or join your friends at an event- everyone needs to look their best. In Singapore, looks matter.

Every detail counts, and all the details combined can produce a beautiful, desirable result. From selecting the perfect dress or outfit, to accessorizing with shoes, a handbag, and jewelry, each part of a woman’s outward appearance is a reflection of how she feels about herself. Choosing the perfect nail color to attract someone special is also another way to improve attraction and to increase confidence in a woman.
Here are some ways you can select:

Select Based On the Event or Occasion

Your choice of nail color for a day at school is going to be different than the shade you choose for a date with a new beau or going for a part-time job interview. In a professional environment or in class, it’s best to stick with more muted or neutral shades to give an air of professionalism, particularly if you use your hands to gesture a great deal. You’ll want your fingernails to be clean and polished but not attention getting. If the setting where you’ll be interviewing is extremely conservative, you may want to opt for a clear polish and hold off on color all together.

In contrast, if you’re heading to an evening party, this is a great time to experiment with the colors you’ve never dared to try in the light of day. It’s time to bring out the golds, silvers, and bronzes that might not be appropriate for day time wear. Keep your jewelry selection in mind when choosing a nail polish color. If you’re wearing gold jewelry, it’s best to select a gold polish rather than a silver.

Choose Based On Skin Color

If you’re fair skinned, you’ll probably look best in lighter shades of nail polish with pink undertones. Nail polishes that have blue undertones may also work well with fair skin. Fair skinned women tend to look their best in berry red shades of nail polish with a lighter color for day and more dramatic shade for the evening wear.

If your skin has more olive undertones and is a bit darker, you’ll probably look fantastic in shades of russet and gold. These shades of nail polish really tend to play up olive skin.

If you have dark skin, you can get by with almost any rich, deep or vibrant shades of nail polish including vibrant reds and purples. You can generally get by with a bolder display of color than can the fair skinned person.

Choose Based On Your Lipstick Color

One way to determine what shades of nail polish will work with your skin tone is to choose nail color based on the colors that flatter your lips. If you look great in russet shades of lipstick, chances are this color will look good on your nails. Look through your lipstick inventory and see if colors that coordinate with your lip colors will work for you.

Choose Based On Your Wardrobe

If you wear a lot of rich russet and brown shades of clothing, you’ll want to consider adding these shades of nail polish to your collection. Shades of pink and purple won’t coordinate well with your wardrobe and can destroy an otherwise consistent look. Take inventory of what’s in your closet and keep your dominant clothing shades in mind when you choose nail color.

Based On Season and Trends

During the warmer months, you’ll want to go lighter with your nail polish color. Those pale, translucent pinks and pale lavenders may be appropriate. Also take into consideration the prevailing color trends in nail color. If pinks are hot, you’ll want to know this before making your selection.

If you’re relatively new to the world of nail polishes, you may want to schedule a manicure and get some professional color advice. Other options when choosing nail color are to buy inexpensive nail polish colors from your local drugstore and experiment until you determine what works for you. You can then buy more expensive polish once you’ve determined the best shades for you. Many makeup counters at department stores also run promotions that include nail colors free with a purchase which is another way to explore color options. Have fun experimenting!
Should you need any consultancy, be sure to contact me at 9336 0593 or email

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Holland Collection by OPI ♥


Holland Collections speak of dutch diversity of colours ♥

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