For Fellow Cottagers: Payment Transfer Details

Thankful for our fellow Cottager Angeline, who gave us insights to the experience Cottager face when transferring a deposit to us. We have updated details to our rates and services page.

We have also added a screenshot below as well.

Nails Cottage Payment Transfer Details

Thanks to the new initiative by MAS, all inter-bank or intra-bank transfers (ie DBS to OCBC / OCBC to OCBC) will be in FAST mode (immediate). There are two ways that you can deal with bank transfers.

ATM transfers

You can go to any ATMs to make a bank transfer to any other bank of your choice. All you have to do is to take note of the account number and transfer to us. You can take a picture of the receipt or you can just message us so to check that we have received, and we will confirm the appointment.


Internet/Mobile banking transfers

You need to use your banking token to add payee. The details above should be sufficient for you to make a transfer with Nails Cottage as one of the payees. You can message us to check that we have received, and we will confirm the appointment.


Nails Cottage puts customer experience first and to make it easy in all our touchpoints, so that we focus on what matters most to a customer- pampering her nails and enjoying her stay in Nails Cottage.


Nails Cottage

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