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Jong Galaxy <3

Nails Cottage Home based Nail Salon Punggol Singapore Jong Galaxy Metallic Colour


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Xuanie Cinderella <3 – $88

Nails Cottage Home based Nail Salon Punggol Singapore Xuanie Cinderella Wedding Photoshoot Bridal Nails

Nails Cottage Home based Nail Salon Punggol Singapore Xuanie Cinderella Wedding Photoshoot Bridal Nails

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Eve Lavender <3 – $68

Nails Cottage Home based Nail Salon Punggol Singapore Eve Lavender Glitter


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Jessie Scottish-cats <3 – $108


Nails Cottage Home based Nail Salon Punggol Singapore Jessie Scottish-cats Nail Art Cats Polka Dots

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Tips for your Perfect Wedding Bridal Nails

Cottagers, here are some tips to take note:

• Choosing the right color and design for your bridal nails depends on a variety of things: dress color, atmosphere at the wedding, your personality, what you are comfortable with, and what look you are going for. French manicure is always a popular, classy choice that will match most outfits, from a typical red length to a summery destination wedding dress.

• Plan ahead, think about what types of bridal nails you want and what design. Try as many manicure styles you can, so you can make the perfect choice for your wedding day.

• Go with someone you trust. If you have a manicurist you routinely go to, plan on using them for your wedding nails. If you want to try someone new, make sure you check out reviews and go in for a couple trials. You do not want to risk not having a perfect bridal manicure on your special day.

• Have your nails done a couple of weeks before the wedding, and follow their example in keeping nails looking clean and shiny, remembering to schedule a follow up the day before the wedding.

• Plan a day for your manicure and pedicure close to the wedding date but don’t leave it till the last minute in case you get crammed for time. After having your bridal nails done, make sure you are careful not to ruin them.

• Remember to keep your bridal nails looking nice for all those wedding related events where people will inevitably ask you to see your rock. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on manicure, a simple home polish change will do the trick!

• When you consult with your makeup artist and the hair stylist, you should then approach the matter of your bridal nails as well. Seek for their opinion and you will see that they will definitely recommend the style of the bridal manicure that is in accordance with your overall appearance.

• Always wear gloves when cleaning the house or washing dishes. The substances you use when cleaning can seriously ruin your wonderful bridal nails.

• Let your bridal nails breathe for a bit before the wedding and only use a nail-building top-coat but no nail polish until the day before your wedding day.

• If you’re a nail biter, use anti-nail biting polish of the most bitter kind to ensure your mouth stays away from your fingers for at least six weeks prior to the wedding. This way you might loose this habit and you will have your nails perfect for your manicurist.

• If you have trouble growing your own nails, an acrylic set may be the way to go. Keep in mind, acrylic tips must be “filled in” about every two weeks. Because acrylic often damages the nail underneath, it is only a quick fix, not a “real” solution to problem nails.


Nails Cottage have some affordable bridal packages for you on your special bridal occasion- be it your photoshoot, wedding actual day or even your bachelorette party with your bridesmaids.

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Nails Cottage Home based Nail Salon Singapore Manicure Pedicure Punggol- Bridal Nails


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