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How do you Match Nail Colour with Skin Tones

Skin tone is one of the factors that should serve as the basic guideline when opting for a special makeup. However, if you want to improve your beauty skills, it is time to find out that to accentuate a certain nail polish tone it is necessary to take into account the shade of your complexion. Different skin tones match different shades, that’s why it is essential to opt for those that complement your look. Here are the basic principles on how to match nail polish color and skin tones.


Fair Complexion

You’re the lucky one, since you can sport many shades that are considered critical for other skin tones. Indeed, fair complexions have the tendency to flash elegance and purity. The best way to find the perfect nail polish is to be guided after the basic features.

Those who belong to this category are often called winter types. Indeed, the best shades that flatter the fairness are bright pink, light and medium tones of purple, red. Avoid dark and profound tints unless you are a Goth style fan or wish to wear an eye-popping nail art style. We should also include in the no-no color group dark blue, yellow, green and also gold.


Medium Skin Tone

Nail Art Nails Cottage Singapore 2013 PunggolThis ‘in-between’ tone can pull off some stylish nail art masterpieces by applying nail polishes that tend towards the metallic shades.

The vibrant and glittering colors will add a tanned quality to medium skin tones. Bright shades are the absolute favorites of those who own this skin type.

Pile up some bottles of vibrant orange, pink and blue nail polish. These must serve as the no.1 choice when you want to polish to impress.

Silver and also light blue as well as their metallic version is perfectly emphasizing your neutral skin tones. Ditch out or at least neglect for a while shades as dark purple, red or navy blue.





Tan Complexion

Indeed, what could accentuate more a sunkissed complexion than a lighter shade?

Skim through the wide selection of shade as light blue, pink or purple. Also include in your preferences light brown and chocolate. Tanned skin is often associated with warm colors, both makeup and nail polish should follow this principle.

Always take into account that the contrastive colors will bring out the most of your complexion. That’s why it is wise to skip colors as gold and all its shades since it might blend into the overall image without having any visible effect.


Dark Complexion

Pedicure Nails Cottage Singapore 2013 PunggolWhen it comes to nail polish, those who have dark complexion should think on a darker shade scale. These will efficiently emphasize their beautiful skin tones. Reds and dark greens as well as chocolate brown are the top notch shades that should appear among the nail art essentials of dark

Gold seems to be the best choice you can make when it comes to a voguish nail polish. The colors you should avoid are orange, white and even silver. These are ideal for fair tones, but inappropriate for you.

Learn how to choose the best nail polish color that matches your natural skin tone.




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